Marine Gauges & Accessories

Furneaux Riddall have over 60 years of experience with marine instrumentation and engine monitoring equipment from well-known brands such as VDO, Veratron, KUS and Wema and can help advise and source the correct equipment for your needs.
Marine gauges, sensors, and engine monitoring equipment are crucial components of a boat's navigation and safety systems. These instruments and sensors provide real-time information about various parameters, such as engine performance and fuel consumption, that are critical for safe and efficient operation of the vessel.

We supply some of the most common marine gauges, sensors, and engine monitoring equipment found on boats.

Engine gauges provide information about the performance and condition of the boat's engine. These gauges may include temperature, oil pressure, RPM, and fuel level gauges, as well as other sensors that monitor the engine's performance.

Fuel management systems provide information about fuel consumption and tank levels. These systems can help boat owners optimize fuel efficiency and avoid running out of fuel while underway.
All gauges are dual voltage (12V or 24V) and are IP67 rated. Gauge sizes vary from 52mm to 85mm.

Fuel, freshwater & wastewater senders are available in a range of sizes and come in different resistances. If a resistance or size you are looking for is not listed then please contact our sales team for assistance.