Veratron VMH Series Multifunction Displays

The VMH series are multifunctional hybrid displays that combine analog and digital technologies to provide a variety of data for marine applications. They also support EasyLink, a plug-and-play system that allows you to connect up to 16 VMH satellites to a VMH master.

Three models available:

The VMH 14 is a 56 mm digital display with a configurable colour bar graph that can show eight different data, such as battery, trim, fuel level, oil temperature, etc.

The VMH 35 is a 83 mm colour hybrid display that can show multiple data on a single screen, such as speed, depth, wind, etc.

The VMH 70 is a 7 inch touchscreen display that can show up to six data on a customizable dashboard, and can also act as a master display for the Easylink system.