Voltage Converters and Inverters

A range of voltage droppers, stabilizers and power inverters from trusted brands such as Samlex and Sterling Power.
Inverters are designed to convert 12/24V DC battery output to 230V AC input to power your appliances. We supply both Quasi (modified) Sine Wave and Pure Sine Wave inverters. The quasi-inverters will suit around 95% of appliances but for sensitive equipment (e.g. power tool chargers) we would recommend the pure sine wave inverter range. Please make sure you work out the maximum wattage requirement and select the unit that is above this requirement.
The voltage dropper range are design to reduce 24V DC down to 12V DC for equipment that is limited to 12V. The stabilizers are design for equipment where a steady 12V supply is required without any voltage fluctuation from charging systems such as an alternator.