Veratron Viewline Tachometers & Synchronisers

Veratron Viewline gauges are high-quality instruments that measure various aspects of your boat or vehicle performance. Whether you need to monitor the engine revolutions per minute (RPM) or the difference in RPM between two engines, Veratron Viewline gauges have you covered. They offer many benefits and options to suit your needs and preferences, such as:
  • 85mm installation diameters (75mm for flush mounting)
  • LCD display with customizable information that can be switched by an external button.
  • Different dial scales, dial colours, and interchangeable bezels to match your style and design.
  • Various sensor inputs options to connect with different types of engines and systems.
  • Double anti-fog lens to prevent condensation and ensure clear visibility.
  • Backlit pointer and dial to enhance readability in low-light conditions.
  • Red LED warning light to alert you of any critical issues or faults.
  • Wide operating voltage range of 8-32V to accommodate different power sources.
  • High protection rating of IP67 for the front and IP52 for the rear to withstand harsh environments and weather conditions.
    Veratron Viewline gauges are designed to provide accurate and reliable readings of your boat or vehicle performance, with a low current consumption and a long service life. They are easy to install, with a central spinlock nut and a clip-on bezel.
    Veratron (previously known as VDO) is a leading manufacturer of marine instruments, sensors, and systems, with over 60 years of experience in the industry. Click HERE to see the rest of the range on offer from Veratron and how they can improve your boat or vehicle performance.