Veratron Viewline Accessories

Veratron ViewLine is a series of high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly gauges for marine applications. They are designed to display various parameters such as speed, fuel level, oil pressure, water temperature, and more.

To install and use Veratron ViewLine gauges, you may need some accessories such as spinlock nuts, bezels, adaptor cables, connectors, and flush mount fixing brackets.

  • Spinlock nuts: These are white nylon nuts that secure the gauge to the panel from the front. They are included with the gauge and are available as a spare.
  • Bezels: Available in different colours and finishes, such as black or chrome. You can choose the bezel that matches your boat’s style and decor.
  • Connectors: These are plugs and sockets that join the adaptor cables to the gauge or the signal source. They are included with the gauge and are available as a spare.
  • Flush mount fixing brackets and Seals: These are metal brackets that allow you to install the gauge from the back of the panel. They are suitable for 52mm and 85mm gauges. The seals provide a waterproof seal to finish the installation.

Veratron (previously known as VDO) is a leading manufacturer of marine instruments, sensors, and systems, with over 60 years of experience in the industry. Click HERE to see the rest of the range on offer from Veratron and how they can improve your boat or vehicle performance.