Veratron Tubular & Float Arm Level Sensors

The Veratron Dip-Pipe Level Sensor is ideal for usage in fuel tanks. Its 38 mm diameter vertical tube contains a float inside, which measures the liquid's level. Featuring strategically placed holes at both ends, serving as a steadfast baffle against the relentless sloshing of fuel. No matter the conditions at sea, the float’s position remains unwavering, ensuring consistent readings every time.

Choose from signal options tailored to your needs: the 90-4 ohms range is perfect for seamlessly replacing an older sensor, ensuring continuity and reliability. Alternatively, opt for the 0-180 ohms range, the standard European resistance that promises compatibility with the majority of gauges.

We also offer an adaptor flange, allowing for a smooth transition, accommodating the installation of our new 54mm sensors into older 80mm diameter bolt circle. It’s the perfect solution for upgrading without the hassle.

Finally we also offer a traditional float fuel sensor which is adjustable from 150-600 mm.