VDO Temperature Sensors

VDO offers a comprehensive range of Temperature Sensors, designed to ensure the safety and efficiency of your vessel’s systems. Our Temperature Sensors are part of an extensive array of sensors renowned for their robust construction and exceptional performance.

Product Range and Compatibility: VDO Temperature Sensors are designed to cater to a variety of monitoring needs. Whether you’re tracking water temperature, typically measured up to 120°C, oil temperature, which can reach up to 150°C, or Exhaust temperature, our sensors deliver reliable data. They are compatible with VDO gauges, ensuring a harmonious system that works together seamlessly.

Specifications and Options: Available in multiple thread sizes and offer both standard ground and insulated ground options to suit your vessel’s requirements. Additionally, we provide models with pre-set warning contacts to alert you of critical temperature changes.

Customer Support:Should you require a sender not listed here, please reach out to our sales team so we can source the correct part for you.