VDO Pressure Senders & Switches

Understanding the importance of accurate pressure monitoring in marine environments, VDO offers a comprehensive range of Pressure Senders, designed to ensure the safety and efficiency of your vessel’s systems. Our Pressure Senders are part of an extensive array of sensors renowned for their robust construction and exceptional performance.

Product Range and Compatibility: VDO Pressure Senders are available in a variety of specifications to suit different needs. They are engineered to work with VDO gauges and are matched to gauges according to the maximum reading on dial faces.

Specifications and Options: The senders are available in resistance ranges from 10 to 180 ohms and offer both standard ground and insulated ground options to suit your vessel’s requirements. Additionally, we provide models with pre-set warning contacts to alert you of critical pressure changes.

Customer Support:Should you require a sender not listed here, please reach out to our sales team so we can source the correct part for you.