Semi-Flexible Fibreglass Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Highly durable semi-flexible solar panel reinforced with fibreglass plastic and a strong ETFE surface and made from monocrystalline solar cells.

This reinforced semi-flexible solar panel has a unique 7-layer construction, featuring an embedded sheet of anodised aluminium fully encapsulated within the solar panel. This additional reinforcement offers greater strength and resilience.

In addition to the fibreglass reinforcement, the surface is made of strong ETFE material which has a longer service life compared to standard semi-flexible solar panels. As a result, these particular semi-flexible solar panels are extremely hard-wearing and less prone to cracking, delamination and corrosion. The lightly textured coating of this panel creates an anti-reflective surface which allows the panel to absorb a far greater amount of light, thereby increasing efficiency.

The textured surface of this solar panel reduces the reflection of light whilst maximising the absorption of light from every possible angle. This ensures high performance in low light or cloudy conditions, or when the light falls at an angle (in the morning, evening, or winter).

  • Robust construction using plastic reinforced with glass fibre creates a sturdy and durable solar panel.
  • Special textured surface significantly reduces light reflection and improves performance in low light and cloudy conditions.
  • Highly flexible design makes this panel ideal for curved roofs and surfaces where bonding is preferable (though it can also be fixed by bolts or screws).
  • The panel is incredibly light (only 1.90kg) and very thin (just 2mm) which is great for all vehicles.
  • High resistance to salt water environments makes it perfect for boats and marine applications.
  • Sealed waterproof design ensures it can be used in all weather conditions.
  • 3 Year Warranty covering materials and production defects