Oceanflex Single Core Tinned Copper Cables

Oceanflex single core, multi-stranded and extra flexible tinned copper cable for marine applications and other harsh environments. Suitable for applications up to 60V DC.

Sold by the metre to the length you require or in 30, 50, 100, 300 and 500 metre reels (depending on the size of the cable) in multiple colour insulated sheathings.

Sizes range from 1mm² to 10mm² with amp ratings ranging from 16.5 amps to 70 amps. If you require assistance or have additional requirements, then please contact us.

Cores manufactured to ISO 6722-1:2011 (class B) 105°C
Tinned Copper Conductors, PVC insulated
Suitable for use at temperatures from -40ºC to 105ºC with excursions up to 120ºC
Twins and multicore PVC sheathed at 70ºC
Suitable for 12v and 24v systems (maximum 60v)
Good resistance to petrol, diesel, lubricating oils and diluted acid
Very good resistance to moisture
PVC insulation saves weight and offers good resistance to abrasion and cut through
Cables are printed with the specification on the insulation

    In harsh environments copper cables corrode over time, the copper oxidises turning black and in saltwater environments copper forms a carbonate layer (turquoise).

    Eventually the cable weakens causing electrical faults and failures. OCEANFLEX tinned cables are highly recommended to combat these problems. Tin plated so that they are highly resistant to corrosion over longer periods of time.

    OCEANFLEX cables will have a much greater life span compared to standard copper cables, meaning less maintenance costs and time.