Floodlights & Search Lights

A selection of floodlights used to illuminate and cover a wide area externally. Using the latest LED technologies from trusted brands such as Hella Marine these lights give impressive light output while maintaining a low power consumption.

When you need to find your way in the dark or spot something in the distance, you need a reliable and powerful marine search light. We offer a variety of search lights from Hella Marine. They are easy to operate, with handheld or through cabin options. Durable and resistant to corrosion, water and shock.

A lot of brands use cheap aluminium housings and the lights may seem attractive due to there very low costs. However they will corrode fast which means replacing the units from as early as 6 months in harsh marine environments, use little or no lens optics for optimal beam patterns and will most likely cause interference with your communication equipment. 

Hella Marine Floodlights are made to the highest of standards using CoroSafe technology or a non-metal thermally conductive polymer designed for long life in outdoor marine or saltwater environments.  Advanced optics deliver incredible illumination without glare and Hella take great care to produce light units that will cause little to no interference with onboard communication equipment (Video Here).