Expandable Braided Sleeving

Expandable braided sleeving ideal for bundling cables and offering durable protection against abrasion.
Braided sleeving has advantages of high working temperatures of 150°C, is flame retardant, halogen free and the open-braided construction allowing it to expand up to double its own internal diameter to fit different cable and wire connectors.
Easily cut with scissors and the ends can be sealed with a flame, heat shrink or PVC tape for a professional finish.
  • Material: Polyester (PET)
  • Ideal for applications where wires and cables require tough and durable protection
  • Simple and easy to thread cables through the weave
  • Expansion of up to 1.5 times original dimensions
  • UV and abrasion resistant
  • Self-extinguishing material
  • Resistant to most chemicals and solvents
  • Operating temperature: -50°C to +150°C