Berker Sockets


Berker sockets form an integral part of a high-quality electrical installation system, offering both reliability and a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design. These sockets are exceptionally well-suited for a variety of applications, including caravans, motor homes, and boats.

Featuring a compact and stylish design, Berker sockets are available in a range of colours such as polar white, brown, and anthracite. The interchangeable bezels add versatility to the design. You can choose from various socket options, including British standard 3-pin, 2-pin continental Schuko, 12V cigar sockets, HDMI, TV, and USB configurations. Additionally, these sockets can be combined into various configurations - single, double, or triple sockets - providing you with flexibility to meet your functional needs.

Reliable and Aesthetically Pleasing

Versatile Applications

Stylish Design

Interchangeable Bezels

Configurations: single, double, or triple