Battery Monitoring

Battery monitoring is a crucial aspect of maintaining and ensuring the optimal performance of batteries in various applications. It involves measuring and assessing key parameters such as voltage and current to monitor the health and condition of the battery.

Voltmeters are used to measure the voltage of a battery. They help to determine the state of charge and overall voltage level. Voltmeters are available in analogue or digital variations.

Ammeter gauges, also known as current meters, measure the current flowing through a circuit or battery. They are used to monitor the amount of current being drawn from or supplied to the battery, providing valuable information about the power consumption or charging rate. Ammeters are available in analogue or digital variations.

The TBS Expert Lite battery monitor is a perfect fit for users that are only focussed on accurate state of charge readout and easy setup. The Expert Lite battery monitor selectively displays battery voltage, charge- and discharge current, consumed amphours and the remaining battery capacity.