VDO Viewline 150A Ammeter Gauge - 52mm - Black

(£62.42 Inc. VAT at 20%)
Product Description+

The ViewLine ammeter provides an overview of the entire electrical system. The level of current being drawn and the supply current are clearly displayed and the shunt - a measurement resistor - can be inserted into the measurement point in a matter of seconds. The fine connecting cable that runs from the shunt to the gauge is easy to lay without taking up much space.

  • 8 pole Tyco / Hirschmann MQS plug
  • < 2.5 % accuracy over the entire display range
  • Operating voltage 8-32 V
  • Current consumption < 100 mA, with integrated warning light (LED)
  • 240° display angle
  • Programmable warning point (PC software)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Anti-fog double lens
  • Front side protection rating IP67
  • 52 mm hole diameter
  • 59 mm outside diameter
  • 50 mm installation depth

What's in the box?

  • Ammeter gauge
  • Adapter cable 8 pole
  • Round bezel
  • Spinlock nut
  • Rubber seal
  • 10m resistive cable (DO NOT CUT)
  • Shunt not included
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