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Sterling ProCharge ULTRA Battery Charger - 24V - 30A - 3 Outputs

(£575.06 Inc. VAT at 20%)
Product Description+

Sterlings new battery charger from the Pro Charge range. Years where spent to create the ultimate charger and the end result is the Pro Charge Ultra which has recently been voted 'Best Charger' in Sailing Today. See features below:

  • Voltage (input): 110/230V
  • AC Frequency: 40-70Hz
  • 11 pre programmed battery curves.
  • 1 custom setup can be set from the charger, no need for a computer.
  • 2 x digital meters for current and voltage measurement.
  • 1 x power meter to show what reserve power is left on the unit.
  • High voltage de-sulphating cycle.
  • Low activity, standy mode to increase battery life.
  • Battery health program.
  • Multiple speed fan control to reduce unnecessary fan noise.
  • Primary (processor digitally controlled) and an emergency backup secondary (analogue controlled) high voltage trip.
  • 32 LED information panel.
  • Internal scan and systems check.
  • Optional remote control.
  • Included battery temperature sensor.
  • Units weight between 2 > 3kg.
  • Dimensions (L,W,H): 315 x 215 x 90
  • Charge Ratings Explained: 1 x output = Max charge rate 2 x outputs = 1/2 max charge rate per battery 3 x outputs = 1/4 max charge rate per battery