Sterling Pro Reg BW Waterproof Alternator Regulator 12V

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Standard alternators are not designed to be good battery chargers, their flat voltage outputs make alternators inherently bad at recovering auxiliary battery banks. With a ProRegB Regulator you can convert the constant voltage output of a standard vehicle’s alternator into a 4- stage progressive constant current battery charging profile. This high performance, marine grade alternator regulator recovers your house battery bank five times faster than using just a standard alternator!

  • Includes temperature sensor with 1 metre of cable
  • Digital software control with slow start
  • Dynamic Progressive battery charging
  • Can be used in parallel ( recommended ) or stand-alone regulator
  • Programmable for different battery types
  • Single unit fits 99% of alternators and all battery types
  • Charges to 4 step progressive constant current charging curves
  • Self-diagnosing fault system
  • Totally isolates the advanced regulator in fault condition
  • Information 8 LED display
  • Battery Temperature sensing
  • High battery temp trip
  • High battery voltage trip
  • High alternator voltage trip
  • De-sulphating ability on open lead acid batteries
  • In event of failure auto return to standard alternator regulator
  • Can be used with or without the temperature sensor
  • Monitors for excessive neg voltage drop and trips
  • Protects batteries if temperature sensor open circuited
  • Protects batteries if split charge relay/diode fails open
  • Protects batteries if advanced reg fails closed
  • Protects batteries if battery sense wire falls off
  • Please note that advanced regs are not suitable for modern vehicles/boats with integrated engine management systems as they increase the alternators voltage and this can be interpreted by the management system as a fault on the alternator. Please use an alternator to battery charger or battery to battery charger for these applications.

Customer Reviews

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Sterling Pro Reg BW Waterproof Alternator Regulator 12V

Rudi Kolenc

Does what it says on the tin

Ceri Hurford-Jones

Exactly as described, very pleased

Olivier Collonge

Seems well builded, not tried yet