Sterling Power Battery to Battery Charger & Solar Regulator 12V 30A

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12V to 12V Battery to Battery Charger w/ 350W Solar Charge Controller

Combined battery to battery charger and solar regulator maximises the operational usage of the battery to battery charger. It does this by adding a solar operation to the product both when the vehicle is in motion and moreover when the vehicle is stationary. This makes it, in effect, also a free 350W solar regulator when the vehicle is stationary. The open circuit voltage of the solar panels can be as high as 31V. This encompasses the majority of 12V nominal solar panels.

Battery to battery chargers have grown in popularity over the coming years due to the ease of installation. No fiddling with complex wiring or the alternator, simply add to your battery being charged and you’re done. The battery to battery charger can charge your batteries from 5-20 times faster than a standard alternator can, making the new B2B Pro unit best value for money.

  • Simple Installation
  • 5-20 Times faster charge than an alternator Fire proof box
  • Dynamic thermal charging
  • Adjustable current limit
  • 4 Stage Charging
  • 9 Battery Presets
  • Boost/Reduce Charging
  • Night Time Mode (1/2 power and quieter)
  • Temperature Sensor included
  • Input: 12V
  • Output: 12V
  • Amps In: 30A
  • Size: 190 x 160 x 50mm