Stainless Steel LED Push Switch with Connector - 12V Blue

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Stainless steel switches featuring an LED ring light. Pre-wired connector included.

Ideal for a wide range of interior or exterior applications. These through panel mount switches are IP67 rated when installed and ideal for switching lighting or installing into custom switch panels.

  • Function: On/Off
  • Select Switch Option (Latching or Non-Latching)
  • Normally open or Normally Closed (select terminal on back)
  • Voltage: 12V (Illumination)
  • Amp Rating: 5A (Max)
  • Material: Polished 304 Stainless Steel
  • Switch Hole Diameter: 19mm
  • Panel Thickness: 10mm (Max)
  • 5 Pin (2.8mm)
  • Pre-Wired Connector Included

See image for switch pin diagram. Pre-wired connector colours:

  • Red = Positive
  • Black = Negative
  • Yellow = Switch
  • White = Normally Open Contact
  • Green = Normally Closed Contact

Customer Reviews

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LED light is always on, not only when latched

This is a fine switch, well made. But the description online doesn't make it clear that the LED ring light is always on. I had incorrectly assumed it was only on when the switch is latched.

Steve Haskell

5 star review