Deutsch DT 3 Way Plug Connector Kit

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The Deutsch DT Series of environmentally-sealed connectors is specifically design for cable-to-cable applications and provide one of the most reliable connections. They are suitable for automotive, commercial or marine applications where reliable connections need to be made quickly, easily, and at a low cost. Inserting and removing contacts requires no special tools and - once they are in - the contacts are locked in place by dialectric fingers which are formed as part of the housing. The wedgelocks are then inserted to secure the contacts in place.

  • Kit includes: Plug Connector, Female Pins & Wedge Lock
  • Wire Size: 16AWG / 1.5MM
  • Material: Plastic
  • Temperature Range: -55C to +125C
  • Connector Style: Plug
  • Cavities: 3
  • Current Rating: 13

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