Furneaux Riddall stock a range of Hella Marine products including Hella Marine LED Lighting.

Hella Marine have been manufacturing lights for over 80 years and their range includes Navigation Lamps, Deck Floodlights, Interior and Exterior Lamps.

Hella Marine products

Hella Marine Chart, Map and Reading Lights offer durable energy efficient lighting for a variety of interior applications including chart table and navigation area lighting, berth lighting and adjustable reading lights. Energy efficient flexible lamps with an impressive white or red light output.

Hella Marine Easy Fit Step Lights are ideal for illuminating on board areas such as steps, stairs, toe kicks, storage areas, companion ways, deck fittings, signs and switches without shining into the eyes. Attractive LED courtesy lighting that is radiated downward at an angle of 30°.

Hella Marine DuraLED range has been designed for engine rooms, storage lockers, lazarettes and many heavy-duty applications where reliability must not be compromised. Advanced Hella marine lens and optic engineering ensures an ultra-wide spread of light. DuraLed lamps are surface mounted and feature a unique installation system where the fastening load is taken up by a heavy-duty nylon bush to eliminate possible stress on the lamp housing.

Hella Marine EuroLED Interior Lighting is stylish, reliable and energy efficient, offering excellent illumination to enhance interior and exterior spaces. The EuroLED range use a highly efficient optical system that produces a very wide and even illumination that is specifically designed to reduce individual light source glare, which can lead to discomfort and eye strain.

Hella Marine Masthead/Floodlight Combination Lights. A range of floodlight/masthead halogen lamps

Hella Marine Module 70 Generation IV LED Floodlight is the upgraded version of the Gen 3 model. Now producing 2100 lumens light output for only 21W consumption in a small well-designed housing. The housing is also finished in a new premium Corosafe coating for even more resistance in extreme operating conditions making it suitable for tough marine environments.

Hella Marine Navigation Lights This range includes All Round Navigation Lights, Port and Starboard Navigation Lights, Stern Navigation Lamps, Masthead Navigation Lamps, Bi-Colour Navigation Lamps, Tri-Colour Navigation Lamps

Hella Marine Oblong LED Courtesy lights are stylish and easy to install LED courtesy lamps providing safe, reliable and energy efficient lighting for interior or exterior applications. Featuring a slim and stylish design these lamps are ideal for illuminating onboard areas such as steps, stairs, toe kicks, storage areas, companion ways, deck fittings, signs and switches.

Hella Marine Round LED Courtesy Lights are attractive, energy efficient lighting for interior and exterior use. Hella marine round LED courtesy lamps can be installed almost anywhere on board. Advanced lens technology provides a cool and even spread of soft light without glare or eye strain. Hella marine LED courtesy lamps consume a fraction of the energy of traditional bulb lamps and run very cool due to their low current draw of less than 0.5W (less than 0.04A @ 12V).

Hella Marine Sea Hawk Floodlight Range delivers incredible illumination without glare. Spread lamps illuminate a wide, close-range spread over a cockpit, foredeck or working area. Spot lamps provide a narrower, more concentrated illumination for tuna towers, masts or for forward facing lighting on a variety of applications. Sea Hawk housings are precision injection moulded from thermally conductive ceramic polymer. This advanced material draws heat from internal electronics for reliable long-term operation and removes corrosion.

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