Is your boat ready for the new season?

As we move towards the beginning of spring, it’s time to prepare your boat for its return to the water and ensure the electrical system is ready for the year ahead.

It’s good practice to completely inspect the electrical system after your boat has been stored out of the water over the winter, ensuring there is no corrosion, and all devices are working as intended.

Below is a list of the electrical devices that should be tested, and some suggested improvements you can make while we wait for the warmer weather!


Inspect electrical connections and test the battery

Reliable and trustworthy batteries are vital for safety as they are the power source for your electrical system when out on the water. All battery banks on board should be fully charged and the batteries should then be tested individually using an appropriate tester.

While the boat is being prepared for the season, it’s also important to check the electrical system for signs of damage and corrosion in the cable, terminals, and bus bars.

Be sure to isolate the batteries before testing the system to avoid an accidental short circuit.

Check the electrical system for:

  • Signs of corrosion – excessive corrosion in terminals and bus bars can lead to increased resistance and voltage drop within the electrical system.
  • Chafing and exposed wires – excessive chafing can cut through the insulation on wires, exposing the core and potentially leading to accidental short circuits or increased corrosion. Exposed wires should be replaced with new tinned cable, while areas prone to chafing should be protected with conduit.
  • Melted wires – a far more serious issue than chafing, this indicates either an electrical overload or a lack of protection from hot engines or generators. Melted wires need immediate attention, either replacement with thicker wires suitable for the current load or additional protection from hot objects with cable conduit.
  • Weak connections – Any loose connections should be tightened, while poorly crimped terminals should be replaced.

We stock a wide range of tinned cables in single and multi-core. Oceanflex marine tinned cable is corrosion resistant and designed for use in the harsh marine environment.  We also offer a range of cables that can be cut to length by the metre.


Our assorted box kits are perfect for keeping spare fuses and terminals on hand, with a full range of fuses and a mixture of terminals, they are ideal for storing on board for repairs and installing new appliances.



Testing navigation lighting

Navigation lights should be regularly tested on your boat, even if you do not plan on trips overnight they should be fully functional at all times.  Check the lenses are clear and undamaged and ensure you have a full range of spare bulbs if you do not have LED lighting.

Upgrading to LED navigation lights is an excellent choice if they are not already fitted, these have reduced power consumption and longer service life than traditional navigation bulbs, making them an ideal upgrade choice when trying to lengthen battery life.



Check you have the correct tools

It’s a great time to check you have all the required tools before the beginning of the season. For crimping, joining, cutting and melting heat shrink, our full equipment range can be found below.  

We offer a range of both budget and ratchet crimping tools, perfect for DIY installations or frequent heavy use.



Thinking about making an upgrade?

Underwater lighting

Underwater lights are a fantastic way to add an extra flair to your boat, available in a range of sizes and colours such as blue & white and RGBW they offer complete colour control when paired with a compatible controller.

OceanLED lights also feature a fish strobe mode, randomising the strobing of the light which is proven to attract more bait fish!

Our full range is available below, from known and trusted brands OceanLED and Hella Apelo.



Update your interior lighting

Improving the lighting in your boat is one of the best ways to totally transform the look and feel of the interior space, turning a cramped dark saloon into a comfortable living space.

Indirect lighting can increase the volume and space within your cabin by illuminating the sides from concealed LED strip lights in ledges and under lockers, creating a warmer and softer light compared to traditional down lighting.

Upgrading to larger strip lights can be a great way to improve lighting inside your boat. Our strip lights are available in both switched and non-switched variants to suit your setup requirements.



Courtesy and step lights

Courtesy lights are perfect for softly illuminating passageways, doors and stairs. These lights can also be used outdoors for added safety at night.

Our full range from trusted brands such as Hella marine is suited for both exterior and interior use.



Chart & Reading lights

Looking to improve chart table illumination for navigating at night? Find our full range of chart lights from trusted brands Hella and Labcraft, available in both 12V & 24V. These lights feature red and cool white colour settings, perfect for bright illumination or preserving your night vision.

We also offer a range of stylish reading lights, in both cool and warm white. Perfect for use in boat cabins and seating areas, with certain models featuring touch activation and USB charging.


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