Exide Marine & Leisure Batteries have been developed to create a complete marine battery offer, able to cover all the energy needs of both professional installers and private users.

By choosing the right Exide Marine & Leisure battery, the electrical supply will last longer, ensuring enhanced trip duration and comfort. Exide is a brand you can trust – they’ve been around for over 120 years and have proven their reliability within the leisure industry.

The battery is critical to safety and comfort. It powers key operations like engine start, radio, GPS, lighting, heating and refrigeration, allowing passengers to feel sheltered, entertained and connected to the outside world.

Exide’s new marine range covers all the energy needs of both professional installers and private users. It offers the very best in reliability and electrical performance, allowing you to extend average trip length, experience improved luxury and comfort on board, and benefit from exceptional battery lifespan.

Exide’s premium marine batteries are a preferred choice for boat builders. Exide’s Gel and AGM batteries are DNV approved, the highest endorsement for a marine market product, making it easier to align with European naval regulations for newly built boats.

To be sure you’re getting the right battery for the right job have a look at this useful leaflet provided by Exide and order your new Exide battery from Furneaux Riddall.

Identify the boats energy needs – Each Energy need has its own solution

Exide DUAL battery range is designed to supply power for boats having one battery bank for all consumers. DUAL battery range, with Wh* performance from 350Wh to 2100Wh, is the choice to cover all dual supply needs for the most popularrecreational boats.

Exide START battery range is designed to supply high power for engine start when installed alone for boats with basic equipment. START battery range, with MCA* performance from 500A to 1100A, is the choice to cover all engine start needs from small outboards to big stern drives.

EQUIPMENT battery range is designed to supply power for boats with dedicated battery banks for equipment such as navigation, emergency,safety and comfort. EQUIPMENT range, with Wh*performance from 290Wh to 2400Wh, is the choice to cover all equipment supply needs, from small electronics to emergency power.

Find the right battery combination

  • Engine only
  • Engine & Equipment
  • Engine + Equipment + Other

Select the best technology

  • Standard
  • Absorbent Glass Mat
  • Li-ion
  • Gel
  • Enhanced Flooded Battery

If you need any help or advice selecting the right marine battery call or email Furneaux Riddall and we’ll help you get the right battery for your boat

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