Sterling Power Aquanautic Waterproof Battery Charger 12V 20A IP68 CLEARANCE

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Product Description+

The Waterproof Aquanautic battery charger is a fully sealed, fully waterproof and fully dust ingress/proof built to IP67 marine grade battery charger. The charger features active power factor correction, this allows for global AC input (90VAC-270VAC) and improved efficiency.


  • Power Factor Corrected( active ) 0.99-1 (PFC)
  • 90VAC-270VAC input (47-70Hz).
  • Extruded aluminum housing.
  • Pre-fused and pre-wired with 1.5 m cable.
  • Waterproof built to IP67 standard.
  • Adaptive charging, ensuring maximum charge in the batteries.
  • LED power and charge indicators.
  • Pre-fused and gold plated terminals.
  • Preset charging profiles AGM, Gel, flooded lead acid.
  • Dynamic thermal output control, reduces power rather than over heats.
  • 290 x 170 x 65