Samlex Expert Multifuction Battery Monitor Gauge

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Product Description+

The Expert Pro selectively displays battery voltage, charge and discharge current, consumed ampere hours, remaining battery capacity and time remaining. Using a large clear backlit LC Display and an intuitive user interface, all parameters can be recalled at the touch of a button. The Expert Pro has many innovative features, like a second battery input, a shunt selection feature, storing a wide range of history events and extensive alarm relay programming. The potential free alarm enables you to run a generator when needed or to turn off devices when the battery voltage exceeds programmable boundaries.

  • Displays Voltage, Current, Consumed Ampere hours, Remaining Battery Capacity and Time Remaining
  • Splash Proof Front Panel to IP20
  • Large Backlit LC Display
  • Two Battery Inputs
  • Shunt Selection Feature
  • Extensive History Event Storage
  • Operating Voltage: 9-35V DC
  • Input Current: -9999/+9999
  • Battery Capacity Range: 20-9990Ah
  • All DC Applications
  • Includes Shunt: 500A