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Wema Instruments Oil Pressure Gauges & Sensors WE/110374 5 Bar / 75 PSI Black 12/24V WE/110674 5 Bar / 75 PSI Chrome 12/24V WE/110376 10 Bar / 150 PSI Black 12/24V WE/110676 10 Bar / 150 PSI Chrome 12/24V WE/150900 1/8” > 1/4” WE/150901 1/8” > 3/8” WE/150902 1/8” > M14 WE/150903 1/8” > M16 WE/150904 1/8” > M18 WE/150907 1/8” > 5/8” UNF WE/150908 1/8” > M10 052397 1/8” NPT - T Piece 52mm diameter dials working to 10-185ohms resistance. Adaptors (for use with pressure sensors above) WE/150052 5 Bar / 75 PSI 0.8 Bar Switch Point WE/150053 10 Bar / 150 PSI 0.8 Bar Switch Point Oil pressure sensor earth return with warning contact and 1/8” thread. (for different thread sizes see adaptors below) Water Temperature Gauges & Sensors WE/110355 25-120°C Black 12/24V WE/110655 25-120°C Chrome 12/24V 52mm diameter dials working to 300-23ohms resistance. Water temperature sensors in assorted thread sizes Part No Earth Pickup Switch Point Thread Size WE/150121 Insulated Return - 3/8” x 18 NPTF WE/150122 Insulated Return - M18 WE/150123 Insulated Return - 5/8” UNF WE/150124 Insulated Return - M14 WE/150125 Insulated Return - ½” x 18 NPTF WE/150126 Insulated Return - ¼” x 18 NPTF WE/150131 Earth Return 95°C 3/8 x 18 NPTF WE/150133 Earth Return 95°C 5/8 UNF WE/150134 Earth Return 95°C M14 To ensure a long product life in demanding marine environments, Wema uses stainless steel and non-corrosive materials. In addition to fuel sensors and single gauges, they also provide bilge pump switches and leakage alarms, all manufactured in accordance with the strictest specifications. All gauges have single skinned lenses with anti fog coating, waterproof to IP56 and 12V as standard unless stated otherwise, but come complete with dropping resistors for 24V systems. Wema started out manufacturing fuel and water sensors for leisure boats. Since then, their track record has proved unbeatable. Wema is known for tailoring its marine fuel sensors to the precise specifications of boat producers and shipyards, regardless of how large (or small) a production series youmight require. Their sensors can be made compatible with any tank form, hull size and mounting hole pattern. They are easy tomount and just as easy to service. HourMeters WE/110351 Black 12/24V WE/110651 Chrome 12/24V 52mm diameter dial with digital display. IP56 SPLASH PROOF For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 74 Marine Gauges & Accessories M A R I N E G A U G E S & A C C E S S O R I E S