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Panel Switches Push Button Switches VA/133 Momentary push switch, single pole. 15mm panel cut out with 27mm shaft. Screw terminals, 16A. VA/134 Budget momentary push switch, single pole with splash cover. 22mm panel cut out, Screw terminals, 16A. 6JF001571041 Hella Momentary Push Button Switch with Rubber Cover – 24mmHole Cut Out, Spade Terminals, 12V 20A. VA/216 Series Push on/push off single pole switch with splash cover. 20mm panel cut out 6.3 blade terminals 10A LED indicator option VA/216 No Indicator VA/216/A Amber 12/24V LED VA/216/G Green 12/24V LED VA/216/R Red 12/24V LED Part No Function Pole Illumination VA/218 On/Off Single White VA/218/1 Flash/Off Single White VA/218/2 On/Off Double Non VA/218/3 Flash/Off/On Single Non VA/218/4 On/Off/On Double Non VA/218/5 Flash/Off/Flash Double Non VA/218/11 Marine Legend Sheet VA/218/12 Auto Legend Sheet VA/218 Series Splash proof IP55 rocker switch with 12V white illumination, 6.3mm blade terminals. L38 x W21 x H38mm, 15A. Rocker Switches VA/218/8 Middle Frame VA/218/9 End Frame VA/218/7 Blanking Plate 316-854 Mini Push Switch with waterproof seal, 12.5mm hole cut out, 12V 16A. VA/134/5 Plated Brass Momentary Push On Button Switch. 19mm Panel Hole, 20A. Push/Pull Switches VA/208 Value line push/pull single pole switch with screw terminals. 8.3mm panel cut out and 12mm shaft. 20A 6ED004778001 12/24V Push-Pull switch with soft plastic safety knob and green warning light. Prefitted with a 12V bulb. Three 6.3mm blade terminal contacts. Interchangeable lens included 1 red and 1 amber. Max Load 8A at 12V / 4A at 24V (use 508 bulb) VA/219 Value line push/pull single pole switch with screw terminals. 10mm panel cut out and 26mm shaft. 20A • Polished 304 Stainless Steel Housing. • Illumination and latching options. • 19mmDiameter. • 12V DC, 5A Max Rating. • Select normally closed or normally open via terminal on back of switch. • IP rated to IP65 Part No Function Latching Illumination VA/230 Off/On Latching Non VA/231 Off/On Non Non VA/232/B Off/On Latching Blue VA/232/R Off/On Latching Red VA/233/B Off/On Non Blue VA/233/R Off/On Non Red Chrome Push Button Switches Modular Mounting Mix switches and accessories (See page 23) For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 58 Switches, Relays, Indicators & Alarms S W I T C H E S , R E L A Y S , I N D I C A T O R S & A L A R M S