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Power Connectors Scanstrut Deck Seal Range Waterproof Cable Routing - Pass cables into the boat, anywhere on deck. No need to remove cable plug. 3-1122W 12 Way 4mm² Cable 5A Pack of 10 3-1142W 12 Way 6mm² Cable 15A Pack of 10 Brass Connector Strips VA/188/4 4 Way VA/188/6 6 Way VA/188/8 8 Way Block Connector 4mm screws, 20 Amp rated PP50 6mm² Cable 50A PP51 16mm² Cable 110A PP175 60mm² Cable 240A PP350 70mm² Cable 270A 043199 Handle for PP175 / PP350 043187 Boot for PP175 Impact resistant and UV stable plastic housing Supplied with an undrilled seal to ensure a selection of cables can be fitted IPX6 and IPX7 tested (100%Waterproof). Split seal eliminates the need to remove cable connectors during install IPX7 WATERPROOF Brass block with steel screws (Pack or loose) Long life stainless steel fastenings with captive nuts allowing reliable repeat installations Easy cable reference and drilling guide included SC/DS-H6 Horizontal Deck Seal Cable Size: 2-6mm SC/DS-MULTI Multi Deck Seal (Anodised Aluminium) Multiple Cables up to 15mm SC/DS6-P Mini Deck Seal Cable Size: 2-6mm SC/DS16-P Deck Seal Cable Size: 2-8mm Connector Size: 16mm SC/DS-H10 Horizontal Deck Seal Cable Size: 6-10mm SC/DS21A-P Deck Seal Cable Size: 4-9mm Connector Size: 21mm SC/DS21B-P Deck Seal Cable Size: 9-14mm Connector Size: 21mm SC/DS30-P Deck Seal Cable Size: 9-14mm Connector Size: 30mm SC/DS40-P Deck Seal Cable Size: 12-15mm Connector Size: 40mm tel +44 (0)23 9266 8621 : email 45 Cable, Terminals & Accessories C A B L E , T E R M I N A L S & A C C E S S O R I E S