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Cable Sleeving Part No Size Length SB6B 5 > 30mm 25m SB8B 8 > 40mm 25m SB12B 12 > 50mm 25m Part No Size ø Length ESB05B 3 > 9mm 10m ESB08B 5 > 12mm 10m ESB12B 8 > 17mm 10m ESB20B 14 > 27mm 10m ESB25B 18 > 34mm 10m ESB30B 28 > 47mm 10m ESB40B 35 > 64mm 10m Spiral Wrap Expandable Braided Sleeving Part No Type Inner Size Ø Outer Size Ø Length CTPA08 Non Split 6.6 10.2 25 & 100m CTPA10 Non Split 8.2 11.75 100m CTPA12 Non Split 10 13.25 25 & 100m CTPA16 Non Split 11 16.1 25 & 100m CTPA18 Non Split 14.2 18.5 25 & 100m CTPA20 Non Split 16.1 21.35 25 & 100m CTPA24 Non Split 20.1 24.5 25 & 100m CTPA28 Non Split 21.2 28.6 25 & 100m CTPA08-S Split 6.6 10.2 25 & 100m CTPA10-S Split 8.2 11.75 100m CTPA12-S Split 10 13.25 25 & 100m CTPA16-S Split 11 16.1 25 & 100m CTPA18-S Split 14.2 18.5 25 & 100m CTPA20-S Split 16.1 21.35 25 & 100m CTPA24-S Split 20.1 24.5 25 & 100m CTPA28-S Split 21.2 28.6 25 & 100m Convoluted Sleeving Jump Leads Highly flexible copper cable with fitted fully insulated crocodile clips and to EN standards. JL606 16mm² Capacity 110A Continuous / 300A Intermittent 3m JL620 25mm² Capacity 170A Continuous / 450A Intermittent 5m JL626 50mm² Capacity 345A Continuous / 900A Intermittent 5m Mains PVC Cable A range of 240V cable designed for use in themarine andmotor home industries. If you don’t see anything you like here then please give us a call and we’ll see if we can source it for you. Coax Cable RG58 50Ω, 100m reel also cut to length. Straps PVC Insulated Straps Black sheath only Part No Capacity Length Terminals SSP12/9 16mm² 110A 9” / 225mm 8mm Ring SSP12/12 16mm² 110A 12” / 305mm 8mm Ring SSP12/18 16mm² 110A 18” / 457mm 8mm Ring SSP12/24 16mm² 110A 24” / 610mm 8mm Ring Flat Braided Earth Straps 018900 10m reel or by the metre 24mmwide strap Overall conductor size >25mm² 056806 150mm long 056812 300mm long 056815 375mm long 21mmwide strap with 10m holes These cables can be cut by the metre 3 Core 3183Y 1.5B 1.5mm² 16A Blue sheath 100m reel 3183Y 1.5W 1.5mm² 16A White sheath 100m reel 3183Y 2.5B 2.5mm² 25A Blue sheath 100m reel 3183Y 2.5W 2.5mm² 25A White sheath 100m reel 3183Y 4B 4mm² 32A Blue sheath 30m / 100m reel Expandable braided sleeving is flame retardant and halogen free. It offers durable abrasion resistance in a wide range of industrial applications. The open weave construction allows an easy installation on a bundle of hoses and cables. The construction of the braid allows the sleeving to be expanded up to 300%. Halogen-free nylon. Suitable for bundling wires and protection against abrasion. Continuous operating temperature -40°C to 105°C with short excursions up to 150°C. Self-extinguishing. Resistant to petrol, oil and water. Halogen free Polythene. RoHS compliant. UL94 HB approved. Continuous operating temp -30ºC to +80ºC. For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 40 Cable, Terminals & Accessories C A B L E , T E R M I N A L S & A C C E S S O R I E S