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VA/122H 12V High Tone VA/122L 12V Low Tone VA/120/24 24V Low Tone VA/120H 12V High Tone VA/120L 12V Low Tone Electric Horns Marine Trumpet Horns Trumpet Air Horn Twin Tone VA/121 12V 400-350Hz, 105dB 410/460mm Long VA/121/24 24V 400-350Hz, 105dB 410/460mm Long High Tone VA/121/MINI 12V 660Hz 228mm Long VA/122 12V 380Hz, 115dB 430mm Long VA/122/24 24V 390Hz, 112dB 430mm Long Disc Horns Trumpet Horns VA/121/AIR Twin Air Horn with Fitting Kit (12V) 117dB Reversing Safety RI/RRA100 12/24V Heavy duty dual voltage reversing alarm Volume of 96 dB at 1m Night silent facility Single bolt fixing Fully sealed and waterproof Over voltage protection Reverse polarity protection Dimensions (mm): H 110 x W 75 x D 75 RI/RI/RRA20 12-80V Compact Multi-Voltage Reversing Alarm Waterproof Volume 112dB at 1m. 2 bolt fixing mount. Fully sealed and waterproof. Over voltage protection. Reverse polarity protection RI/RRA32 12V RI/RRA34 24V Standard reversing alarm Night silent facility Volume of 85db at 1m Single Bolt Fixing Weather proof Over voltage protection Reverse polarity protection Dimensions (mm): H 75 x W 70 x D 50 tel +44 (0)23 9266 8621 : email 31 Electrical Equipment E L E C T R I C A L E Q U I P M E N T