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Power Dimensions Type Input Continuous (mm) Weight ST/SIB300 British/Euro 12V or 24V 300W 210 x 85 x 190 1.4kg ST/SIB600 British/Euro 12V or 24V 600W 250 x 85 x 190 2.2kg ST/SIB1000 British/Euro 12V or 24V 1000W 300 x 85 x 190 2.0kg ST/SIB1600 British/Euro 12V or 24V 1600W 300 x 85 x 190 3.6kg ST/SIBR1000 RCD with 1m Cable 12V or 24V 1000W 300 x 85 x 190 2.0kg ST/SIBR1600 RCD with 1m Cable 12V or 24V 1600W 300 x 85 x 190 3.6kg Pro Power SB Pure Sine Wave Inverters The new pure sine wave inverter from Sterling Power. It’s cheaper, better than the previous model and comes with a built in USB charge socket. SWR Optional Remote Panel Pure sine wave works well with all appliances. All inverters are continuously rated. Built in USB charge socket. Both 230V and 110V optional. Come pre-wired RCD or Twin socket New extrusion design allows reduction in the size. Improved performance over previous models. All have overload, over voltage and low voltage cut outs. Fan Operation, the fan will come on in the event of power exceeding 30% of unit rating or the internal exceeds 60C RCDModel UK & Euro Socket Model Voltage Converters A complete line of high quality DC/DC converters in a compact housing. This series is eminently suitable for applications requiring stability, a modest development of heat and above all a low energy consumption. These products are also distinguished by high efficiency, together with absolute safety. An inferior supply can cause irreparable damage to your 12 Volt system, but this line of voltage converter will prevent problems of that type. Drop Converters: SA/SDC05 20-35V > 13.8V 5A SA/SDC08 20-35V > 13.8V 8A SA/SDC12 20-35V > 13.8V 12A SA/SDC20 20-35V > 13.8V 20A SA/SDC30 F 20-35V > 13.8V 30A SA/SDC60 F 20-35V > 13.8V 60A Step-up Converters: SA/STEP10 9-18V > 25V 10A F Has fan assisted cooling tel +44 (0)23 9266 8621 : email 29 Electrical Equipment E L E C T R I C A L E Q U I P M E N T