Auto & Marine Electrical Products

Voltage Inverters Quasi Sine Inverters Tough aluminium housing with plastic end caps. Multi speed fans ensure minimum noise where possible. All inverters come complete with English and Euro sockets. Pro Power Q Power Dimensions Type Input Continuous (mm) Weight ST/PPQ100 Universal 12V or 24V 100W 65Ø x 145 0.8kg ST/PPQ150 Universal 12V or 24V 150W 100Ø x 146 0.8kg ST/PPQ350 British/Euro 12V or 24V 350W 120 x 150 x 65 1.0kg ST/PPQ600 British/Euro 12V or 24V 600W 150 x 150 x 65 1.3kg ST/PPQ800 British/Euro 12V or 24V 800W 180 x 150 x 65 1.8kg ST/PPQ1000 R British/Euro 12V or 24V 1000W 180 x 250 x 100 2.0kg ST/PPQ1800 R British/Euro 12V or 24V 1800W 270 x 250 x 100 4.0kg ST/PPQ2700 R British/Euro 12V or 24V 2700W 370 x 250 x 100 5.0kg Works with a vast majority of appliances Overload, over voltage and low voltage cut outs Fan Assisted Complete with cables & 24kt gold connectors (to prevent corrosion) R Includes remote control Larger models available please call for details The new pro combi is smaller, lighter and more powerful than its predecessor. Now featuring a 5A auxiliary output for charging your starter battery while bulk charging the main battery bank. Removable remote control panel Part No Voltage Watts Amps Size(mm) Weight ST/PCSP121600 12V 1600W 70A 225 x 205 x 230 8.5kg 230V AC 50Hz Remote Control Panel Included 8 Battery Types Built in Automatic Crossover Switch from Shore power to Inverter Neutral – Earth Bonding Power Factor Corrected Pro Combi S+ Sine Wave Inverter-Charger For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 28 Electrical Equipment E L E C T R I C A L E Q U I P M E N T