Auto & Marine Electrical Products

Adaptive DC Sockets Dual Port 5V USB Socket Dual Port 5V USB Cigar Socket Adaptor 12V Accessory (Cigar) Sockets 12V Cigar Socket VA/315 With rubber cover and LED indicator Input voltage 12/24V Port 1 (1A), Port 2 (2.1A) VA/312 Panel mounted accessory socket with rubber cover VA/306 Rail mountable accessory socket with rubber cover Din Plugs & Sockets VA/314 DIN Plug. 16A VA/311 Interchangeable Cigar/DIN Plug with 8A Glass Fuse (20mm), 10A 8JB004123001 DIN Surface mount socket, 16A. RI/RMS16 Fast Charge 2.5amp USB Charging Sockets suitable for charging smartphones, MP3 players and tablet devices including iPhone, iPod and iPad VA/310 Brass DIN Socket with cover for panel mounting, 16A. Deck Plugs/Sockets 8EZ008021001 12V 8EZ008021011 24V Cigar lighter with illumination. VA/115 2 Pin 3A VA/117 2 Pin 5A VA/116 3 Pin 3A VA/118 3 Pin 5A Rear spin nut front mounting Rear spin nut front mounting For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 22 Electrical Equipment E L E C T R I C A L E Q U I P M E N T