Auto & Marine Electrical Products

Bus Bars and Studs Tinned copper bars, stainless steel studs and screws Part No Type Rating (L x W x Hmm) Optional Cover VA/180 5 Way Screw 100A 106 x 22 x 36 VA/189/6 2 x 5mm Studs & 5 x 4mm Screws VA/183 10 Way Screw 150A 152 x 32 x 35 VA/189/7 2 x 6mm Studs & 10 x 4mm screws VA/184 12 Way Screw 250A 200 x 38 x 40 VA/189/8 2 x 8mm Studs & 12 x 5mm Screws VA/185 20 Way Screw 150A 231 x 32 x 35 VA/189/9 2 x 6mm Studs & 20 x 4mm Screws VA/181 4 Way Stud 150A 152 x 32 x 35 VA/189/7 4 x 6mm Studs VA/182 6 Way Stud 150A 231 x 32 x 35 VA/189/9 6 x 6mm Studs Insulated Studs & Covers COVERS BEP/ISC-10BK 10mm Negative BEP/ISC-10R 10mm Positive BEP/ISC-6-2 6mm Negative BEP/ISC-10BK-S 8mm sleeve adaptor for 10mm covers SINGLE STUDS BEP/IS-6MM-1 6mm Stud Negative BEP/IS-6MM-1R 6mm Stud Positive BEP/IS-8MM-1 8mm Stud Negative BEP/IS-8MM-1R 8mm Stud Positive BEP/IS-10MM-1 10mm Stud Negative BEP/IS-10MM-1R 10mm Stud Positive DUAL STUDS BEP/IS-6MM-2 6mm Stud Negative BEP/IS-10MM-2 10mm Stud Negative BEP/IS-10MM-2/L 10mm Stud with Link Plate Negative Dual studs ideal for + ve / - ve connections or branching circuits 10mmNegative with Link Plate 6mmNegative 10mmNegative Stud covers push securely over the threaded stud Made with high temperature plastic bases. For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 16 Power Distribution P O W E R D I S T R I B U T I O N