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Filters, Strainer Screens and Chemicals All filters need to be changed regularly, so a good inventory of spares is necessary for extended operation. Occasionally strainer screens corrode and need to be replaced. Spectra’s SC-1 storage chemical should always be carried in case a system needs to be preserved for up to six months. Spectra’s SC-2 and SC-3 cleaning chemicals can sometimes revive a membrane that has suffered biological growth or mineral scaling. Farallon 1800/2800 The Farallon systems are designed with Spectra’s unique Pearson Pump technology for unrivalled reliability, energy efficiency and durability. The Farallon comes standard with our exclusive Spectra Connect Controller for one button operation. The slowmoving pumps mean lowmaintenance intervals, for longer, quieter, trouble free operation. The Farollon’s variable frequency drive motor controller ensures soft starts with no massive inrush current to crash your generator at start-up. Powered by 110v or 220v AC, thses systems bring municipal scale desalination plant features to your fingertips. Farallon 1800 284 Litres every hour, 6813 Litres a day. Weight: 147kg. 110v AC 14A, 208-240v AC 7A. 1200 Watts. Farallon 2800 454 Litres every hour, 10,600 Litres a day. Weight: 166kg. 110v AC 18A, 208-240v AC 9A. 1500 Watts. Z-ION System Protection The Z-IONMembrane Protection System floods your watermaker with silver ions which eliminate bacteria and microbes. The biological growth that clogs filters, fouls membranes and forms hydrogen sulphide (the rotten egg smell) which turns your filters black. The Z-ION goes into action automatically during the fresh water flush cycles, protecting your system for up to 30 days. Completely Automatic. Low Power Draw. Eliminates Storage Chemicals. Retrofittable to any Spectra System. 12V or 24V, 15 Watts. Weight: 2.3kgs. Handheld Salinity Monitor A handheld salinity monitor digitally tests the total dissolved solids (TDS) of your product water, which is any salt, metal or mineral in the water. With the push of a button it can tell you the overall water purity level, which is displayed on the screen in parts per million (PPM). It is a quick and inexpensive way to check the quality of the product water, or to calibrate the salinity probe on MPC 5000 systems. Membranes While a well-cared for membrane will last many years, they may need to be replaced within the lifetime of your watermaker. Pump Heads The smaller systems are equipped with a Shurflo pump as a feed pump for the watermaker. The pump head may wear out over time, and a new pump head will restore system functionality. A spare Shurflo pump head is the most important spare part to carry for Ventura and Cape Horn Extreme systems. Offshore Kit If you plan on travelling on an extended cruise, we highly recommend the offshore kit. The offshore kit supplies all the parts to rebuild a Clark Pump in the field including tools, bronze fittings and high pressure tubing as well as chemicals, o-rings and instructions. Accessories tel +44 (0)23 9266 8621 : email 123 Watermakers W A T E R M A K E R S