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IP TABLE Interior & Exterior Lighting WarmWhite or Cool White Where can I use them? Warmwhite is more commonly used in living room areas and bedrooms or places of reading. It is easier on the eyes and sets a more relaxed mood setting. Mix it Up! You don’t have to stick with a colour, why not have a mixture in one setting such as having warmwhite lighting the main room and cool white in the areas where more light is required. Lumens Lumens are a measure of the total amount of visible light (to the human eye) from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen rating the brighter the lamp will appear. With so many LED lights on the market how do you decide which ones to purchase? Luckily our team at Furneaux Riddall are here to advise you. This year we have hand-picked a selection of interior & exterior lighting from leadmanufacturers such as Hella, LED Autolamps and Labcraft to suit all applications from camper van conversions to marine vessels. LED lamps can save you up to 90% of power compared to traditional lamps. We have compiled as much information as we can to guide you to the correct product. First number Protection against the ingress of solid foreign objects (including dust) X not tested 0 not protected 1 solid foreign objects ø ≥ 50 mm 2 solid foreign objects ø ≥ 12.5 mm 3 solid foreign objects ø ≥ 2.5 mm 4 solid foreign objects ø≥ 1.0 mm 5 & 5K dust protected 6 & 6K dust tight Second Number Protection against the ingress of water X not tested 0 not protected 1 vertical dripping 2 dripping (inclined 15°) 3 spraying 4 splashing 4K same with increased pressure 5 jetting 6 powerful jetting 6K same at increased pressure 7 temporary immersion 8 continuous immersion 9K high pressure/steam jet cleaning IP Ratings We havemarked as best we can what applications the lamps can be used in with IP numbers listed. IP Ratings Explained IP stands for International Protection, the IP degrees of protection are determined by DIN 40050 part 9. This standard exists to specify the exact protection of electrical equipment against penetration by solid foreign matter, including dust and water. The exact degree of protection is achieved by various tests. Example The IP rating of the 8517 series deck floodlight is listed as IP 6K 9K. This means dust tight and protected from high pressure cleaning. For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 100 Lighting : Interior & Exterior L I G H T I N G : I N T E R I O R & E X T E R I O R