Scanstrut - Cable Seals

ScanStrut Marine Cable Deck Seals

The Scanstrut Range of cabling solutions eliminates time-consuming, sub-standard routing of cables and messy sealant to achieve a 100% watertight installation for your marine cables everytime. Our solutions are the only guaranteed and proven watertight installation for your antenna and navlight cables.

  • WATERTIGHT INSTALLATION - Tapered bung forms watertight seal. All units are supplied with a closed-cell base seal - 100% waterproof. All models have been IPX6 and IPX7 tested and approved.
  • NO NEED TO REMOVE CABLE CONNECTORS - Split-seal option does not require connector removal during install.
  • EASY AND RELIABLE INSTALLATION - Captive nuts make for easy assembly and also allow reliable repeat installations. Each unit supplied with both pre-drilled and blank inner seals to make your installation as easy as possible.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DOME SHAPE - Aesthetic dome-shaped profile provides a stronger, impact-resistant design (no sharp edges to hit your foot on!) and outer dome provides additional water shield.

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