BEP 18-Way Z Busbar - 2 x 200A

BEP 18-Way Z Busbar - 2 x 200A
28.26 Exc. Vat

Product Code: BEP/777-Z18W-200

This patent-pending, space saving buss bar range is a completely new concept for marine cable termination. Offering almost unlimited installation flexibility, the high and low level bars can be bussed together with Z-Link or used as separate positive/negative bars.

  • 4x6mm studs
  • 18x4mm terminals with captive lock washers
  • 200A maximum per bar (2x 200A)
  • 50 VDC
  • Easily extend Z-Bars by placing on end or back-to-back
  • Clean installation-all cables can be run from one side of the Z-bar
  • Innovative clear covers insulate and protect on three sides and offer easy access
  • Modular sizing and common interconnection height: Easily linked with other Pro Installer Busbars and Fuseholders to save installation time and space
  • High temperature, fibre reinforced plastic base provides strength and chemical resistance
  • Clear polycarbonate cover
  • Tinned CDA102 copper conductors, stainless steel studs, screws, and nuts for longevity in the marine environment
  • Studs have anti-seize lubrication applied to prevent thread galling

BEP Marine Battery Management

The BEP Marine Battery Management range provides high quality bus bars and marine battery switches to ensure safe switching is achieved between batteries, loads, and charge.

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